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Rose Box I LOVE YOU 4 Roses
Rose Box I LOVE YOU 4 Roses

The composition of roses includes four conserved roses which are fixed in a box with I LOVE YOU inscribed in gold on the lid. Overall, the box has a height of 2 cm and a length and width of 6 cm. The diameter of the roses is 2 to 3 cm.
The roses are the origin of natural flowers that have been stabilized with glycerin and dyes.
The roses need neither water nor sun and will not fade. A storage place in a hot place and watering should be avoided so that the roses do not lose the natural look.

What you need to know about preserved roses:

  • Retained for at least 3 years
  • A retained Rose replaces for 15 years 156 fresh roses
  • Neither water nor the needs of the sun
  • Keep away from hot sources such as oven, sun, etc.
  • The floral arrangement is handmade and is natural, so it is possible that there are slight variations in shape and colour


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Wonderful gift

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Received as a surprise gift from my husband , the sence of roses are wonderful , good choice , will recommend.

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