Review for "Flower Bouquet 1 Stabilized Rose Deep Red"

Flower Bouquet 1 Stabilized Rose Deep Red
Flower Bouquet 1 Stabilized Rose Deep Red

Rose bouquet with 1 stabilized rose in deep red and preserved ivy leaves. Rose and ivy are fixed together with a green satin ribbon. A pretty gift which is keeping in mid for minimum 2 years.

The rose and ivy are preserved with glicerine and color for keeping their natural and soft feature. The conservation is giving the guaranty for a lasting of at least 2 years, kept inside. With a soft scent of roseoil (can be ordered without) the arrangement will convincing you.

The flowerarrangement contains:

  • 1 preserved rose;
  • preserved ivy;
  • satin ribbon.


  • no watering;
  • not for outside;
  • no direct sunlight;
  • cold hair dryer cleaning from dust.


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