1. The presentation:
1.1. All articles are produced in by Rosemarie Schulz and staff.
1.2. The colours of articles shown in the shop might possibly vary to the colours delivered. This is no particular reason of complain.
1.3. All prices are fixed in Euro and valid until 30th of June 2009.
1.4. All prices are ex-work including 19% German VAT.
1.5. If you do have a business, please go on professionals for further information on VAT

2. Acceptance and Payment of your order:
2.1. After the reception of your online order your personal data will be checked by our B+S card ALLPOS system of the connecting Bank. The system is safe for your convenience.

3. Delivery:
3.1. The delivery time will be approximately 5 to 10 days within the EEC and made by GLS parcel service.
3.2. The delivery time for the non EEC connected European countries will be 10 to 15 and made by POST.
3.3. The delivery time for Canada-USA-Japan and other countries will be made by post and will take approximately 20 to 25 days.
3.4. If you do have your own transport system, please let us know to deduct it from invoice.
3.5. If any article has a delay, we will contact you urgently.

4. Order cancellation:
4.1. After confirmation of order, you can cancel this order within 5 days if it has not departed already.
4.2. Please mail to or fax to 0049 6221 161744.
4.3. If the article has already arrived, you can return within 14 days as pre-paid parcel. The value of merchandise minus transportation will be refunded urgently.

5. Complains and returns:
5.1. If an article is damaged, please contact within 24 hours after reception of merchandise. Please kindly add a picture of the complained article If possible.
5.2. We will send a replacement urgently or we will do our best to find a satisfying solution.
5.3. All flowers must be protected from direct sunlight-spots-placements outside. Neither to be placed on varnished surfaces-wood-stone-on walls as the material can remove colour away.
5.4. For returned orders without fees, we will charge the costs of delivery.

6. Durability:
6.1. We do guaranty a duration of 2 years preserved flowers.
6.2. We do not accept flowers or scented sachets filled with real dried rosebuds deliveries to countries with more than 80% humidity.
6.3. We cannot also deliver flowers and flower containing sachets filled with real dried rosebuds to Australia for private customers.
6.4. All placemats and flower girls can be delivered worldwide.

7. Privacy and Security:
7.1. All data received from you will be protected by EEC law and be kept confidential.
7.2. We do collect only the data that we do have received from you when you fulfill your order. We will not sell or give those data to third parties.

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