Privacy policy

§ 1 General

your personal data ( Mr.Mrs.Miss.,Name,Address E-Mail, Telefone, Bank and Creditcardnumber ) will only be used under the German data rights. The following regulations are informing about the way, volume and reason of the raise, and using of the personal data. This declaration is only refering

our websides. If you become linked on other websides, please inform yourself about the use of your data there.

§ 2 Existing Data

  1. Your personal data referring to the order, will only used for the existing order received.
  2. The personal data will be only used for the fullfillment of your order.
  3. The personal data will not transferred to a second party. The personal data will not be used after the fullfillment of the order. They are becoming blocked after the order has finished.
  4. The personal data will only be used after your agreement.

§ 3 Information

You do have the right demanding non chargable information referring the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz

about your datas and the right of correction, blocking or deleting of these datas.You can demand over: