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Our flower box collection consists of natural roses which last for a long time through a preservation process.

During this process, water is replaced by glycerin and dyes for several weeks. By this method, the roses are preserved from the inside and not from the outside like freeze-dried That’s make them lasting at least 3 years.

With our experience for shipping of conserved roses of more than 4 decades, we ship our flower boxes worldwide.

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    Rose box with long lasting roses for sweet hearts

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    The composition of roses includes four conserved roses which are fixed in a box with I LOVE YOU inscribed in gold on the lid. Overall, the box has a height of 2 cm and a length and width of 6 cm. The diameter of the roses is 2 to 3 cm. The roses are the origin of natural flowers that have been stabilized with glycerin and dyes. The roses need neither... The composition of roses includes...

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      The most effective present, making joy to a beloved person

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      Small preserved rose that is looking 3 years as fresh not withering at all. The long lasting small rose is surrounded with preserved Rose petals, fixed in this nice box. The box is easy to clean and does not need water, sun and any other care. Colors and sizes could vary a little because of a product of nature. The box is topped with ´ MERCI ´ or with... Small preserved rose that is looking...

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