Stabilized Moss Frames

Stabilized moss frames ...

... the colors of the forest have their place on the interior walls!

The vegetal frames are composed of stabilized moss which is fixed on a canvas, and framed by a wooden frame (white, plain or black).
The moss is scentless and noise absorbing. The moss is lasting approximately 4 to 5 years by a humidity of 40- 60%. For cleaning please use also a cold hairdryer.
The moss is treated in a bath of glycerine, water and color for a good and long duration.
We are producing on demand all sizes necessary for your projects all different frames are possible, also in rosty iron or in frames of your production. On demand project simulations with photos are possible.

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    Vertical plant picture preserved with 100% natural green moss. The moss is preserved and is lasting for many years. No water and sunlight needed. Walldesign with real moss, foliages and moss for the interior designing of (Halls, Offices, Restaurants, Spa´s, Practices and Living rooms) designd of 100% real preserved wood moss. The conservation is... Vertical plant picture preserved with...

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