Preserved Flowers

Never artificial but real and preserved!

Made as an arrangement, bouquet or wreath, the flowers do not need any maintenance.
The advantage is the long lasting feature. The flowers are the best gifts, to keep you in mind to your friends for many years.

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  • Rose Forever Lasting

    Rose Forever Lasting

    Roses forever

    Long living roses lasting for minimum 3 years. Delivering preserved roses for gifts and decoration.
    All roses are preserved with glycerin and colors. Easy to care without water and sun. All our preserved roses are in red, champagne or pink.

  • Floral Bouquets

    Floral Bouquets

    Preserved flower bouquets of roses, ivy or lavender

    All bouquets are hand made in Heidelberg and preserved to last 2 to 3 years. All bouquets are easy to maintain because they don't need any water and sunlight.

  • Flower Arrangements

    Flower Arrangements

    Long pleasure with preserved flower arrangements

    Here you will find a wide range of long-lasting preserved flower arrangements in many different colors, silver and cinamon bowls. The flowers are treated with glycerine and natural colours to keep up for many years. The flower arrangements are very easy to care because they need neither water nor sun.

  • Flower Wreaths

    Flower Wreaths

    Beautiful selection of handcrafted door wreaths for home decoration

    Whether country-style or at Christmas, here you will find flower wreaths from natural materials such as lavender, oats and conserved natural leaves. All prepared and produced in Heidelberg, Germany.

  • Decorative Natural Balls

    Decorative Natural Balls

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    Small aluminium vase with french Lavender, simply decorated in a contemprorary vase. The well smelling arrangement is transferring the Provence into your home and underlining your good modern taste. The dried lavender from Provence is set up in a contemporary aluminium vase. It is a modern element for decorating your living room, your kitchen, your... Small aluminium vase with french...

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    Say thank you with in German!

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    Exclusive preserved Rose with gold print "Danke!" Real preserved rose with gold print "Danke!" in gold. This long living rose is preserved for a minimum 3 years and keeps you in mind for a long time. The rose and ivy are preserved with glycerine and colour for keeping their natural and soft feature. The conservation is giving the guaranty for a lasting of... Exclusive preserved Rose with gold...

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      Red fruits bouquet with artificial red fruits and preserved ivy. Fruits and ivy are fixed together with a red satin ribbon for beeing a pretty small gift for Christmas. The bouquet is scented and the fruits produced of cotton wool, coated with a comistable color. This beautiful fresh and real looking red fruit bouquet is finished with preserved ivy and a... Red fruits bouquet with artificial...

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      The most effective present, making joy to a beloved person

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      Small preserved rose that is looking 3 years as fresh not withering at all. The long lasting small rose is surrounded with preserved Rose petals, fixed in this nice box. The box is easy to clean and does not need water, sun and any other care. Colors and sizes could vary a little because of a product of nature. The box is topped with ´ MERCI ´ or with... Small preserved rose that is looking...

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