Stick umbrellas
Our stick umbrellas are elegant not only because of their colorful motifs but also robust canopy which can be opened automatically at the push of a button. In addition to the solid frame, the spokes are reinforced with fiberglass ribs for challenging strong wind.

Pocket umbrellas
The folding umbrellas have an open-close automatic with which the umbrella can be opened and closed practically. Apart from the art, city and flower motifs, there are numerous umbrellas with natural and animal motifs in our selection.

Children umbrellas
Not only for ladies and gentlemen, but also for the little ones, we also have a selection of special umbrellas for children. These are children umbrellas with imaginative animal motifs and especially for girls, single-color umbrellas with frills.

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Our Stick and folding umbrella collection is printed with flowers and paintings from Claude Monet, Seurat, van Gogh and much more artists.
For the young our collection covers children umbrellas with funny prints of fishes, safari animals and a lot more of original umbrella printed.

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  • Folding umbrellas

    Folding umbrellas

    Nice and very handle folding umbrellas at Rosemarie Schulz. Printed with flowers or paintings from famous artists like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, the umbrellas brighten any rainy day. The folding umbrellas are very practical because they auto open and closes. Made with polyester and fiberglass.

  • Stick Umbrellas

    Stick Umbrellas

    "Find out the whole collection of our stick umbrellas printed with flowers and paintings from famous artists like Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Renoir, Seurat and many more. The stick umbrellas are made of fiberglass and polyester and brighten any rainy day."

  • Kids Umbrellas

    Kids Umbrellas

    No excuses because it is raining. Our kids umbrellas are printed with nice and cute motifs of butterflies, fishes and many more brighten every rainy day.

  • Woman Umbrellas

    Woman Umbrellas

    Umbrellas with feminien notes

    Unusual umbrellas for every outfit for ladies with many designs and colors. Whether classic in black and white, subtle monochrome or color strikingly emphasized, here you will find a selection of umbrellas for women who are different from conventional umbrellas.

  • Man Umbrellas

    Man Umbrellas

  • Umbrellas by Colours

    Umbrellas by Colours

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